How to Fix Google Maps not working on iPhone?

Fix Google map in iPhone

Fix Google Map Not Working in iPhone

The invention of Google Maps has helped us to get the real-time navigation of the location that can minimize your traveling rate. The traveling which we were covered in an hour is now can be done in less than an hour with the help of Google Map as it helps us to calculate the exact time to be taken for reaching the location, all you need to do is to enter the exact destination of yours.

Google Maps usually become slow and causes other issues as well if not working properly on iPhone but can easily be rectified by simply following some of the quick and easy steps mentioned below:-

Steps to Fix Google Maps Not Working in iPhone

  1. Try fixing the issue by Rebooting iPhone- Rebooting is one of the most effective ways to fix the issue, if Google Maps behaving slow, or not opening or crashing all the time, you can use some of the simple steps like going to Settings then click on General then scroll down to the bottom and click on Shut Down, after performing the steps restart your iPhone again and check if it is working fine or not.
  2. Try enabling location on iPhone, for this you have to first Open Settings > then scroll down >and tap on Privacy> now click on Location Services> you will now move to next screen > you have to now enable Location Services by moving the toggle to ON position
  3. You can also fix the issue by enabling Background App Refresh for Google Maps on iPhone, for this you have to first go to Settings > General > tap on Background App Refresh> then move the toggle next to Google Maps to ON position, this will allow Google Maps to refresh its content in the background.
  4. Always make sure that you have installed the latest version of the application as sometimes the application stops working if it is not updated, for performing the steps you have to Open the App Store on your iPhone first > then click on the Profile icon located at the top right corner of your screen> If the update is there, you can see Google Maps under ‘Available Updates’ section> now click on update option to update and install the application
  5. Fix the issue by Resetting Network Settings, for this you have to first Go to Settings > General > then Reset > tap on Reset Network Settings option available > Now enter your Lock Screen Passcode, if prompted> now on the pop-up, click on Reset Network Settings option.

Above are some of the easiest and every used methods through which you can rectify the issue of Fix Google Maps not working on iPhone and if still unable to get a solution then never ever hesitate to get connected with the super-advanced technical team who are available at your service to offer your 24*7 services and easily available through direct chat, email or phone to give you best ever solution of all the time.

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