How to Recover G Suite Account?

How to Recover G Suite Account

Don’t worry if you are unable to recover your G Suite account, for your knowledge google has provided some very easy steps to follow and some liabilities to bring back the access to your account.

You can acquire it in the admin panel within 20 days of deletion. After this grace period it is impossible to get the G suite account back.

Steps to Recover G Suite Account

  • It is very easy if you are the administrator.
  • Sign in to your admin panel with your admin account.
  • Go to users list
  • Select ‘recently deleted’ and check the deleted users by using the filter
  • Now select the desired user from the list and hit the ‘restore’ button.
  • Once the administrator is successful in recovering a G Suite account then you can access all your data and services.
  • It may take 24 to 72 hours to come into action.

Please note you cannot recover your account if your username and email is being used by someone else as their primary address and your user domain has been taken by someone else.

In case your username is being used then follow the same method above but at the time of search ‘user’ in the user list you need to ‘change or delete’ its user name and continue your search with previous user name and that is how you will successfully be able to Recover G Suite account.

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