Study Of Algorithms in Computer Science

Algorithm For GATE/PSU/NET

Algorithm is one of the most important subject in GATE CSE, it has a average weight-age of 7-9 marks, and is also very important in terms of job interviews. Having a good hold on this subject is definitely going to help you. In the study of Algorithms we have the videos of Advantage of Greedy Technique, Analysis of Algorithm, Analysis of Loops with Dependency, Analysis of Loops with Examples, Asymptotic Notation With Examples, Basic Terminology of Greedy Technique, Big O, Big Omega, Binary Search Algorithm, Binary Tree in Algorithm, Bubble Sort in Algorithm, Bucket Sort In Algorithm, Complexity Classes With Previous Year Questions, Counting Sort in Algorithm, Disadvantage & Application of Greedy Technique, Divide & Conquer Algorithm, Edge Disjoint Spanning Tree, Examples on Analysis of Loops, Finding Time Complexity, Greedy Technique in Algorithms, Heap Sort in Algorithm, How To Calculate Time Complexity, Huffman Coding in Algorithms, Important Graph Basics For Minimum Cost Spanning Tree, Insertion Sort in Algorithm, Job Sequencing With Deadline, Knapsack Problem in Algorithms, Linear Search Algorithm, Max and Min Algorithm, Merge sort Algorithm, Minimum Cost Spanning Tree, Optimal Merge Pattern, Performance Analysis, Posteriori and Priori Analysis, Properties of Asymptotic Notations, Quick Sort Algorithm, Radix Sort in Algorithm, Recurrence Relation, Recursive Tree Method & Master Theorem, Selection Procedure in Algorithm, Selection Sort in Algorithm, Sorting Algorithm, Spanning Tree in Algorithms, Strongly and Weekly Connected Spanning Tree, Substitution Method, Theta Notation, Time and Space Complexity of All Sorting Algorithms, Time Complexity in Job Sequencing, Time Complexity of Huffman Coding, Time Complexity Of Knapsack Problem, Unweighted Graph, What is Algorithm

16 – Quick Sort In 11 Minutes | Simple Explanation | Divide & Conquer | Sorting Algorithm | Gate CS
17 – Selection Procedure in Only 8 Minutes | Easy Explanation | Divide & Conquer | Algorithm Gate CS
18 – Strassen’s Matrix Multiplication in just 12 Minutes | Divide and Conquer | Algorithm | Gate CS
19 – Complete Heap Sort in Just 30 Minutes | Binary Tree | Sorting | Algorithm | Gate CS
20 – Selection Sort with Example | Sorting | Algorithm | Gate CS
21 – Bubble Sort Step-Wise explanation With Example | Sorting | Algorithm | Gate CS
22 – Insertion Sort in 8 Minutes | Step-Wise Explanation with Example | Sorting Algorithm | Gate CSE
23 – Radix Sort in Just 5 Minutes | Easy Explanation Ever | Sorting Algorithm | GATE/NET/PSU
24 – Counting sort algorithm with example (Easy Explanation) | Algorithm videos for GATE/PSU/NET
25 – Bucket Sort Algorithm with Example | Time and Space Complexity | GATE
26 – Time and Space Complexity of All Sorting Algorithms | Lectures for GATE/PSU/NET
27 – Greedy Technique | Basic Terminology, Advantage, Disadvantage & Application of Greedy Technique
28 – Knapsack Problem – Greedy method (With Example) | Problem Scenario
29 – Example and Time Complexity Of Knapsack Problem | Algorithm
30 – Job Sequencing With Deadline (Easy Explanation with Example) | Time Complexity – Job Sequencing
31 – Huffman Coding with Example | Time Complexity of Huffman Coding | Greedy Method | Algorithm
32 – Optimal Merge Pattern | Example | Time Complexity | Algorithm For GATE/PSU/NET
33 – Important Graph Basics For Minimum Cost Spanning Tree | Strongly & Weekly Connected | Algorithm
34 – Minimum Cost Spanning Tree | Edge Disjoint Spanning Tree | With Example | Unweighted Graph

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