How to Fix Google Assistant OK GOOGLE Not Working

Want to know how to Fix Google Assistant Not Working on your Android device? Then perform the following solutions quickly to solve the issue.

Solution 1: Reboot your Android Device

Firstly, you should start with a simple solution that is rebooting your Android Device. Press & hold the “Power” button on your Android device for 15-20 seconds. After that, a few options will show up on your screen. Then select the ‘Restart/Reboot’ option.

Solution 2: Ensure Internet Connected Is Connected

Google Assistant utilizes your Internet connection to regain data for you. Hence, you must make sure that your Internet connection or Wi-Fi or cellular data is properly working or not on your device.

Solution 3: Verify Assistant is Enable

To Fix Google Assistant Not Working, also ensure that Google Assistant is enabled and that your device supports it. Start by ticking whether your phone supports Google Assistant, not all model does.

Solution 4: Retrain the Voice Model

  • On your Android device, open the Google app.
  • Go to Settings->Google->search and then Voice.
  • Validate that the ‘Voice Match’ detection is toggled ON.
  • Hit on ‘retrain voice model’. Then repeat Hello Google or OK Google and then ‘Hey Google’ if prompted.
  • Then google assistant must again return to your voice as normal.

Solution 5: Update the Google App

  • Fix Google Assistant Not Working by simply confirming that your Google app is updated or not. Follow these steps:
  • On your Android Phone or any device, open the Play Store app.
  • Then seek the Google app.
  • See and Click on the Update option.
  • If you observe ‘Open’ instead of ‘Update’, then you earlier have the latest version installed.

Solution 6: Verify Language Setting

On your device, open the Google app, then tap on ‘More’ at the bottom-right side of your screen. Tap on Settings>Voice>Languages. Then pick the languages you need as your default by tap & hold the language.

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