How to Recover Deleted Files from Google Drive?

If you just have deleted an important file or folder of your own from your Google Drive! Now you wish to restore that file or folder, but you are unable to do it. Then you don’t need to worry about it. You can easily Google Drive Recovery of your deleted Google Drive files within a few steps. Thus, you just need to follow the steps mentioned below to recover deleted files from Google Drive on your Trash.


  • First of all, go to your computer, and open a Web browser.
  • Then type this link ‘’, which will open your Google drive.
  • Login in to your account by entering your correct account credentials, if you have not logged in.
  • Navigate to the ‘Trash’ option underneath ‘My Drive’ on the left pane.
  • Then select the deleted file by right-clicking on it, which you would like to restore.
  • At the top-right side, press on the ‘Restore’ option from the drop-down menu to recover the file.
  • Thus, with the above steps, a deleted file you own from your Google Drive would be automatically restored or recovered to its original location.
  • Besides, keep in mind one thing is that the deleted file by your own, kept in the trash for only 30 days. And after that deleted files will be automatically deleted forever from your trash section after 30 days have passed and cannot be recovered.

Henceforth, the Google Drive Recovery is also possible, or permanently deleted files can be recovered through a G Suite Admin within 25 days of deletion file from the Trash.

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