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Are you become frustrated by watching “Not Responding” issue in your Computer or Laptop while using it, then this article is for you to fix this issue.
Everyone who is having Computer Desktop or Laptop must face “Windows not Responding” or while using any web browser then “Browser not responding” these kind of issues. Most of the time user become frustrated if the issue didn’t fix ASAP. Sometimes this frustration take a huge anger in the mind and because of this your device goes in risk mode, you can through it or break it.
But before taking any bad decision we suggest you to take a look at this article to resolve these kind of issues.
There are multiple ways by which you can fix which may be:

  • Stop Background Running Apps in Your Computer System
  • Stop Auto Update of App or Windows.

To perform these action you must follow these given steps:

How to Stop Background Running Apps in Windows 10?

  1. In the left down corner of the screen in the Taskbar section you will found the Start option of this symbol: Click on it.
  • You will see the “Setting” option in the left side up on “power button”, Click on It:
  • On these given options just click on the “Privacy” Option

In the given option on the left side in “App Permissions” Section scroll down and you will found the “Background Apps” option, Click on it:

In this options you can stop all the background running apps by just closing the “Lets Apps Running in the background”

You can also close the Individual apps by closing any apps:

This is the basic steps to stop background apps. You can also follow the path
Start > Settings > Privacy > Background Apps > Close from Lets Apps Running in the background

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